The story of where it

All began

The Origin

Redmont Distillery takes its name from Birmingham's Red Mountain, the source of iron ore that was formed more than 400 million years ago. Along with limestone and coal, that red ore was one of three elements necessary to make iron, and the future site of Birmingham was the only place in the world where all three were found in such proximate abundance.

Today, a statue of a Vulcan, the roman god of fire and the forge, sits on the Red Mountain as a symbol of Birmingham's industrial might. Redmont Distillery is proud to pay tribute to Birmingham's history by featuring an image of Vulcan that adorns the front of each bottle we produce.

Our pride in Birmingham is part of Redmont's core value of paying it forward. Just as those before us saw the potential in Birmingham, Redmont Distilling Co sees the potential in our communities. Each quarter, Redmont Distilling Co chooses a new charitable cause in hopes of helping those in need reach their full potential.

Redmont Vodka is made from corn, which not only makes it gluten free but also provides a smooth finish that doesn't have that harsh aftertaste. In addition to being 8x distilled (at least two times more than most vodkas), our vodka flows through advanced carbon filtration systems, removing any flavors and achieving a much smoother finish. Redmont Vodka features the purest reverse osmosis water to blend our vodka to 40% ABV 80 Proof. We like to say it's 100% neutral, it’s a vodka everyone can enjoy.